Saturday, November 16, 2013

19 Random Facts

There's a fun game going around on Facebook, where I got assigned to share 19 random facts about myself.  I figured I'd get back in the swing of blogging a little more frequently by sharing those here:
1. My favorite comfort food of all time was my mom's spaghetti with meat sauce, and one of my greatest accomplishments has been learning to replicate it.
2. I was president of my high school's Thespian Society - mostly because no one else wanted to be. I joined the theatre program at the suggestion of my basketball coach, when he realized that despite my Amazonian height, I wasn't very coordinated.
3. I tried to join the Army when I was 21, but couldn't because there was a warrant out for my arrest! (It was due to unpaid parking tickets...lots of them, apparently.)
4. I have an insatiable appetite for shows like Law & Order, NCIS, Rizzolli and Isles - pretty much anything that involves crime solving. I'll watch them when they come on, even if I've seen them before. I am watching one now.
5. I've run one half marathon so far - at Talladega Motor Speedway. I plan to run 2 next year, and finally run a full!
6. I love to travel and, so far, I've been to Greece, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos and 30 different states in the US.
7. I HATE scary movies after being made to watch "Nightmare on Elm Street" at a slumber party when I was 13. I had to sleep with nightlight for weeks, and avoid scary movies at all costs now.
8. I love to play matchmaker and have one marriage to my credit!
9. In my entire adult life, I've yet to live in any one house or apartment for more than 3 years, and it's not looking like I'll make it to 3 in my current home, either!
10. When I met Lionel Richie for the first time, the first thing I said was: "Oh my god, you are Lionel F*(&^ng Richie!" To which he responded, "I get that a lot". He recorded my voicemail for me on my cell phone, and I had it on there for years.
11. I have a horrible memory.
12. I am a really fast reader - but due to #11, I've actually read several books more than once. Each time, I thought I was a little bit psychic because I could kind of tell what would happen next.
13. When I was in high school, my family went to Disney World, and my parents let my brother and I go off on our own while they hung out with my much younger sister. To get to the front of the lines, we "borrowed" a wheelchair.
14. If I never had to wear shoes again, I would be a happy woman. I love shoes - on other people. I take them off whenever I possibly can.
15. Despite working in radio for 19 years, I've still never gotten used to my voice on a recording.
16. I am a wannabe extreme couponer. I do regularly use coupons, and have saved $2000+ this year by doing so.
17. I started going gray when I was 18. I died my hair until two years ago. Now, I just pluck the ones that show the most. It's a losing battle.
18. If I won the lottery, I would give most of it away - anonymously - to people or causes I know. I think it would be fantastic to change a lot of lives in such a positive way.
19. When I was younger, on a family trip to NYC, my sister Jessica sang and I sang as we walked down the streets, hoping to be discovered.