Monday, April 23, 2012

One of the changes I wasn't ready for

I knew that becoming a mom would change EVERYTHING in my life.  I thought I was ready for all of the changes it would bring...but nothing prepared me for this:

On the left, my "new" underwear - on the right, my old underwear.  The sad part is that I used to wear the ones on the right as my comfy drawers.  Now, they cut off my circulation. 

I've shared this with a few of my friends - and the ones that are already moms have assured me that I will probably never want to go back to the ones on the right...that even when the body is willing, the spirit will still opt for the fuller coverage of the ones on the left. 

S cracked up last night when he walked in on me taking a photo of my underwear - but I knew that a description in words wouldn't be sufficient.  Seeing is believing, in this case....

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  1. God designed our bodies exactly the way they should be so that we can carry our baby and deliver them into the world. We may not have all the curves we once had but there is nothing more beautiful than the changes in the body that says...I'm a Mom....