Sunday, April 6, 2014

Six months later...

Have you ever meant to get to something, and let time slip and slip and slip by? So, six months later, here I am! I've been meaning to write, meaning to set aside the time, meaning to get organized and down to business...but then, well, life happened and I just never got around to capturing my thoughts here.

I am sitting here, with the rain coming down outside, in the kitchen of my new house with my daughter and husband asleep upstairs. Scratch that. She's asleep - he just sent me a video of her snoring while he holds her. How stinking cute is that?

Lots has changed in the last six months - the biggest thing is that our little family moved into a new house. It was quite the adventure with lots of drama along the way. We almost bought a house with termites. One of the owners threatened to sue us for not wanting to buy the house with termites. We had to find a new house in 48 hours because we sold our old house and the closing date was looming. Oh, and then, when we did find a house and determine a closing date for our old house, it was right smack dab on the middle of a two week mandatory training class that I had to take at work, so S ended up doing pretty much all of the coordinating and organizing. On Monday, March 24. I left to go to work from one house and came home to another! 

We are going to spend quite a while getting this house to feel like our home, but we love it, so far. It has lots of room for Diana and for us, and for family and friends to come visit or stay (hint, hint...) It's closer to civilization, so now, heading into town for an event isn't such a daunting proposition. 

The other big milestone for me was getting a PR (personal record) in the Mercedes Half Marathon in February. I had been wanting to get back into running and with my new schedule at my new job, I can run before my work day starts. After a few months of serious training, I ended up running next to a friend who kept me so distracted that I didn't even realize how quickly we were running until we crossed the finish line! I got a 2:07, which is a full 24 minutes faster than my only other half marathon. 

What's up next? Vegas, baby! I am planning in doing my first full marathon there in November! Training has already begun, and if my knee holds out, I can cross that off my bucket list. 

Well, I know this wasn't the deepest or most inspirational post, but basically, I just wanted to write SOMETHING to get back in the habit. More to come - hopefully soon.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Rain on my window - it's the best soundtrack for a Sunday afternoon nap. 
2. Getting to spend time with my in laws this weekend - they are truly some of the best people I know.
3. A husband that will go grocery shopping when I don't want to - what a champ!
4. A friend that I can text or call when I have something keeping me up at night to help get me out of my shame spiral and off the hamster wheel.
5.  This: 

Dear God, thank you for the many blessings in my life. I know that I am blessed beyond measure and only by Your grace. Please grant Diana some relief from her pink eye - I know You have lots of other stuff to worry about with world peace and all, but since You are God, I am hoping you can multitask. Please show me how to be of service to those in need and look for ways to give rather than take. Amen.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

19 Random Facts

There's a fun game going around on Facebook, where I got assigned to share 19 random facts about myself.  I figured I'd get back in the swing of blogging a little more frequently by sharing those here:
1. My favorite comfort food of all time was my mom's spaghetti with meat sauce, and one of my greatest accomplishments has been learning to replicate it.
2. I was president of my high school's Thespian Society - mostly because no one else wanted to be. I joined the theatre program at the suggestion of my basketball coach, when he realized that despite my Amazonian height, I wasn't very coordinated.
3. I tried to join the Army when I was 21, but couldn't because there was a warrant out for my arrest! (It was due to unpaid parking tickets...lots of them, apparently.)
4. I have an insatiable appetite for shows like Law & Order, NCIS, Rizzolli and Isles - pretty much anything that involves crime solving. I'll watch them when they come on, even if I've seen them before. I am watching one now.
5. I've run one half marathon so far - at Talladega Motor Speedway. I plan to run 2 next year, and finally run a full!
6. I love to travel and, so far, I've been to Greece, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos and 30 different states in the US.
7. I HATE scary movies after being made to watch "Nightmare on Elm Street" at a slumber party when I was 13. I had to sleep with nightlight for weeks, and avoid scary movies at all costs now.
8. I love to play matchmaker and have one marriage to my credit!
9. In my entire adult life, I've yet to live in any one house or apartment for more than 3 years, and it's not looking like I'll make it to 3 in my current home, either!
10. When I met Lionel Richie for the first time, the first thing I said was: "Oh my god, you are Lionel F*(&^ng Richie!" To which he responded, "I get that a lot". He recorded my voicemail for me on my cell phone, and I had it on there for years.
11. I have a horrible memory.
12. I am a really fast reader - but due to #11, I've actually read several books more than once. Each time, I thought I was a little bit psychic because I could kind of tell what would happen next.
13. When I was in high school, my family went to Disney World, and my parents let my brother and I go off on our own while they hung out with my much younger sister. To get to the front of the lines, we "borrowed" a wheelchair.
14. If I never had to wear shoes again, I would be a happy woman. I love shoes - on other people. I take them off whenever I possibly can.
15. Despite working in radio for 19 years, I've still never gotten used to my voice on a recording.
16. I am a wannabe extreme couponer. I do regularly use coupons, and have saved $2000+ this year by doing so.
17. I started going gray when I was 18. I died my hair until two years ago. Now, I just pluck the ones that show the most. It's a losing battle.
18. If I won the lottery, I would give most of it away - anonymously - to people or causes I know. I think it would be fantastic to change a lot of lives in such a positive way.
19. When I was younger, on a family trip to NYC, my sister Jessica sang and I sang as we walked down the streets, hoping to be discovered.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hump Day Gratitude

Despite wanting to be a gratitude guru, I have taken a serious leave of absence from practicing gratitude, and I can tell. When I get in the "everything sucks" or "everything is going to go wrong" mindset, it's time to pause, pray and put together my gratitude list.  

This weekend, we will be celebrating my daughter's first birthday - did you read that? We - meaning my husband, family and close friends - how lucky am I to have any, and especially ALL of those?  Celebrating - gathering in our home (glad to have that!!) and eating and spending time together (grateful so many people want to come!). My daughter - I am beyond blessed to get to be momma to this little one. I waited a long, long time to get to be a momma, and God knocked it out of the dang park with this cute, charismatic, sweet, loving and well behaved child. First birthday - we have made it through the year (knock on wood!) with no major mishaps and in good health. 

There is a lot to be grateful for in that one sentence, alone!

I am on my lunch break at my new job, sitting out in the sunshine, and I am grateful for all of that, as well. I love my new job - I feel challenged and welcomed and enjoy the work very much. The sunshine is much welcome after lots of gray and gloomy days lately. 

I would write more, but I need to get inside. Thanks for helping me to turn my attitude around. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our girl is on the move

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote - I started a new job (which I love!), we almost sold the house (which didn't pan out, thank goodness!), we took a vacation with my husband's family down to Pensacola Beach (baby's first time at the beach...MUCH more work than we realized it was going to be!), and now, our little 11 month old wiggle worm is officially a walker!

Check out this adorable video of some of her first tentative steps.  She's getting more confident and daring each minute, so I am sure I will have more to post soon of her jogging around the house!

Monday, July 1, 2013

I've Been Waiting Ten Months For This

It was a good weekend with the family.  My handsome husband was in full on "get stuff done around the house" mode (which I highly encourage!), so I got to spend some quality time, one on one, with my little one. 

We've been trying out new "big girl" food - and like her momma and daddy, she's a big fan of breakfast! 

Messy Breakfast Baby - June 2013

We spent some time on one of Momma's favorite hobbies:  couponing.
Couponing with Momma - June 2013

S took a break from house stuff on Sunday morning, and we all got dressed up and went to church. 
Time for church - June 2013

The best part of the weekend, though, was her new favorite word!  I have been waiting for 10 months to hear this sweet sound!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Big News

I'll cut to the chase.  My last day in radio is Friday, July 5th, and on Monday, July 8th, I'll start my new job doing corporate communications for a company based out of Birmingham (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent!).

I've spent over half of my life on the radio - I started as a college freshman at the campus radio station and haven't looked back.  However, as you know if you read this blog, my life has changed quite a bit in the past couple of years: moved to Alabama, met the love of my life, got married, and had a beautiful baby girl.

I am beyond grateful for the gifts that my career has given me - especially for those I just listed.  If I hadn't taken this job in Birmingham, none of the above would have happened, and now, I can't imagine my life without my handsome husband and my beautiful daughter. 

My radio career has taken me all over the country - Maryland, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Connecticut and Alabama - and has introduced me to some of the biggest characters and personalities one could ever imagine.  I have always said that working in radio is "better than working for a living", because when you love what you do, it's not really "work". 

However, the time has come to take the skills that I have acquired along the way and apply them in the next phase of my career.  I am beyond excited for this new opportunity.  When I say that it is better than I could have imagined, I am not exaggerating. (And I am not just excited about getting to sleep in a little later each day....)  I really do think that God was looking out for me and guiding the entire long process for me to make this transition.

To those of you who have cheered me on while I was making this big decision, thank you.  Change is not always the easiest, but your encouragement and counsel made it a lot easier.  Thank you to all those I have worked with over the past almost 20 years, too - it's been a fantastic ride, and I'll be cheering all of you on from the other side of the radio.

Friday, May 31, 2013

We LOVE Home Depot!

Thursday night, our tub's faucet broke - and I asked S to fix it (or to call a plumber, if it was too big of a project).  It turns out that we needed a new part, and I decided it would be a good field trip for me and Diana.  She loved it - great people watching and all sorts of new things to observe! 

Diana - 9 months - At Home Depot

I am psyched because this bodes well for our future trips out and about!