Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another day of being grateful...

I totally just got out of bed to come write this gratitude list - if there is someone, somewhere handing out gold stars, I kind of want one.  Honestly, it was easier to get out of bed and just do this than to sit there and lay awake feeling guilty, thinking "I just committed to doing this can I already be slacking off?" 

So, here we are....

Today, I am grateful for:
- A gorgeous afternoon to take Diana for a walk (it might be from global warming that we have 70 degree days in December here in Alabama, but for today, I am just grateful for the sunshine!)
- A free flu shot (my health insurance isn't as good as it used to be - but today, I got a free flu shot!)
- A husband that likes to cook - how awesome is that??
- Support from friends and family when I need it - I felt lots of love today.
- A mean comment yesterday that got me remotivated (no, that's not a word...but you know what I mean....) to get back on track with losing my pregnancy weight.  A guy I hadn't seen in a while asked if I had had the baby yet - all I could do at the time was say "yes" and show him a picture, and then, text my friends to complain.  However, one of those friends said "Let's be accountable to each other" and we worked out some guidelines to live by for our new commitment to eating better and getting some exercise. 

Dear God, thanks for all of these blessings and the countless others that I didn't list.  Thank you for being able to turn what seems like the yuckiest event into something that shows me just how well I am taken care of.  You are pretty awesome at that.  Amen. 

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