Friday, December 7, 2012

Grateful on a Friday...

Fridays are my "long day" at work - wrapping up the past week, and prepping for the next, taking care of all the extra items that will need to be attended to for the weekend to go off without a hitch, without my physical presence being necessary.  So, while I am exhausted beyond measure when my day starts, and usually more tired when the day ends, I am always grateful for the moment I can walk out the door, knowing I put in a full week's work and my slate is clear to start the next.

Today, I am grateful for:
- A healthy, happy baby girl that smiles when she sees me and gives the best snuggles known to mankind.  There's very little that can be wrong with the world when I have a sweet smelling bundle of love up on my shoulder.  She's also having a blast learning all about the world - every minute of every day presents a new experience for her.  In just the span of a week, she's learning how to sit up more straight in her exersaucer, grab onto her toys hanging over her playmat, and to hold her head up to gaze out at the world when she's sitting in my lap.  It's pretty incredible.
- A walk with a dear friend - a chance to get exercise AND get caught up?  Heck yeah!  I'll take it.
- Dinner tonight with my dad and his wife, my in-laws, my husband and my daughter.  Having us all at one table doesn't happen often, and tonight, it just all kind of came together.  Plus, we had Mexican food - which is my favorite!
- Friends that remember to check on me/pray for me/encourage me - it always makes my day when someone remembers what I am going through.
- An opportunity to raise almost $10,000 for needy families this morning through our on air auction at work.  It's one of my favorite parts of my job, and today, we made enough money to help 20 families have a better Christmas.  Awesome.

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