Monday, December 10, 2012

Diana's Baptism

Presenting Diana for baptism
Pastors laying hands on Diana to baptize her

Pastor Jim showing off our sweet baby to the congregation
Diana resting on my shoulder after being baptised
Happy Family Picture (might be a Christmas Card!)

Yesterday, our little family had a very special day - it was Diana's baptism at Riverchase United Methodist Church. S and I have a special relationship with our pastor, Jim, because he is the father of one of S's best friends - so, he has literally had a front row seat to our relationship.  He watched us on our entire journey from when we first started dating and S brought me to church with him for the first time, to when we got engaged, to when he officiated our wedding last year...and now, to the baptism of our sweet baby girl.   I misted up a little as he commented on that before performing the actual baptism, and paused to think of the incredible journey that both S and I have both have to travel to be able to come together - and to become the parents of this beautiful baby girl. 

If my faith ever falters, all I ever need to do to is look at my incredible husband and perfect daughter.  For years and years, I questioned why I hadn't found "the one" or why I hadn't had children yet. Now, I know.  God had something better in store for me than I could have ever imagined.  I am beyond grateful for the blessing of my family, and for our extended family that all congregated for this blessed moment, as well! 

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  1. Congratulations! Big day! So happy for you, so incredibly happy for you! May GOD bless Diana and keep her healthy and happy! You deserve every happiness this world has to offer! So happy that you found S and have this amazing little family! We miss you in CT! Congrats again on a beautiful baptism for Diana! She's precious!