Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Books I Love

Lately, I have been drawn to reading memoirs - and have found some that I absolutely love. They all seem to have a similar theme: humor...mostly, the self deprecating kind. They come from all walks of life - and have very different experiences, but I have enjoyed each of them, immensely.

I've loved to read for as long as I can remember. I can lose myself in a book - and only remember to look up hours later. I love the power books have to transport and transform. I love the perspective I can get into the lives of others, and on my own, after learning a little bit about what it's like to "walk in another man's shoes".

If the only book you've heard anything about these days is Fifty Shades of Grey, and that's not exactly up your alley, try one of these! I'd love to hear your thoughts on them, too!


  1. well how about that....I was just getting my hair done, when the hairdresser asked me if I'd read anything good lately....I said I needed to find something really good today!!! And here is the list I'm going to start with.
    My last two favorites were: Winter Garden and Sara's Key......d.o.l.

    1. Funny how that worked out!! I'll have to check out your two suggestions...