Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can you get a concussion from head butting a toilet?

It's a serious question - can you get a concussion from head butting a toilet?

See...what had had happened was....

I was in a rush to go use the bathroom and get back to the studio - so, I decided to multitask.  While I was um...taking care of business...I also decided to put my hair back in a pony tail.  So, I positioned the hair tie on my wrist, ready to be deployed onto my assembled hair.

Here's where I had a judgement of error.

I forgot that the toilets at work have a much taller flushing mechanism than the ones at home.  So, when I vigorously threw my head back to capture my hair in my hands - I literally reverse head butted the toilet.

Big thud.

Saw stars.

Yelped in pain.

And because of being seated for the um....other task at hand...I couldn't fall to the ground like I wanted to.  I just held on to the rails to steady myself and whimpered.

Now, my ears are ringing and my head hurts. 

Is that what a concussion feels like?  Or I am just hoping for something really bad so that people will be compassionate rather than make fun of me?  (Awww...who am I kidding?  People are going to make fun of me even if it IS a concussion!  I would - if it happened to someone else...but let's face it, stuff like this only happens to me!!)

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