Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How I Ruined A Sexy Moment With My Husband

As new parents, my husband and I are trying to navigate this new world and find the balance between being parents and remembering that we are still husband and wife, as well. 

Because I haven't been feeling too secure about how I look, I have asked S to be a little more obvious about his feelings towards me to help bolster my self esteem. Yes, I know it's "self" esteem - but it doesn't hurt to have your husband throw you a compliment!

So, being the good husband that he is, S has been making great attempts for the past several days.  On Sunday night, I got roses (for no reason!), and he's been making sure to give me more hugs and kisses and say nice things.  Truth be told, I have been eating it up! 

Well, last night, without meaning to do so, I ruined one of his well-intentioned attempts to have a "sexy moment". 

I was on my way to the treadmill (gotta stick with those resolutions!), and he stopped me and said "Come here for a minute..." I walked over, and he grabbed a single out of his wallet and attempted to tuck it in to the waistband of my pants. 

That's where the moment got ruined.

I was wearing my maternity stretch pants (I was going to the treadmill - I didn't think I needed to be sexy!), and so when he reached for the waistband, he had to lift my shirt higher and higher and higher.  Finally, I just grabbed the dollar bill and say "Thanks for the try, babe", and we started laughing. 


Maybe next time. 

At least he tried? 

How have YOU ruined a sexy moment?