Monday, December 12, 2011

Love in my coffee

I am always grateful for my morning caffeine fix. I hope someday to be someone that is so well rested and spiritually sound that I don't require any caffeine to start the day, but for today, I am just not there yet.

This morning, I raced through my morning routine because I knew I was going to need to call out the big guns - COFFEE - instead of downing a Diet Coke on my way to work. (Yes, I have a coffee pot, but I forgot to set it last night!) I headed towards the 24 hour McDonald's near the highway, and prayed that I would hit all the green lights on the way there so I would have enough time to actually stop and get them to load me up.

When I pulled up to the window to collect my, I mean, coffee, the very sweet woman behind the drive through window was beaming! It was a genuine smile, ear to ear, and it was accompanied by a bright and sunny, "Good morning, darlin'!" I couldn't help by smile back and brighten up a bit (even though I hadn't had any caffeine yet...).

She took my debit card, and when she handed it back, she said, "Thank you, now you just sit tight and I'll whip up that coffee for you, sweetheart!" As I watched her work behind the closed window, I could tell she was having a good time - bopping along, whipping up a coffee, all with a smile on her face. Her joy was infectious, and I found myself sitting up a little straighter and already feeling more awake!

Here it was, 4:30am - and this woman would be well within her rights to be grumbly and sleepy, and yet, she was upbeat, bright and friendly...and it made all the difference in my morning. Before I even had any coffee, my spirits were lifted up and my day was off on the right foot.

It was a good reminder that, no matter what, I can be friendly and positive, and do all things with LOVE - and it can make a big difference in someone's day. Even if it doesn't, it can make a big difference in mine.

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