Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The deal I was willing to make to find out the sex of the baby

We went yesterday to TRY to get a glimpse of the little one - but he or she was stubborn and wouldn't move his or her arm out of the way. This is the best shot we were able to get!

We tried for several minutes, with me in several different positions, hoping that it would convince the little one to move enough so that we could see his or her face...but alas, NO LUCK!

They said we could come back next week for another try - so, next week, I'll eat a cupcake or something first to make sure the little one is all hopped up on sugar and MOVING!

We are on the home stretch - around 13 weeks to go! Of course, because we are both tall, this little one isn't exactly so little. He or she is already tracking about 2 weeks ahead of schedule in height and weight....YIKES!

Steven is staying strong with his resolve not to find out the gender of the baby - but mine is crumbling. After seeing his or her face (or a part of it, anyway), I want to know if it's a boy or girl!! I tried everything I could to convince Steven that we should just go ahead and find out. I even offered to change teams...to become an Alabama fan instead of my current status as an Auburn fan (he's diehard, as is his entire family!), and THAT wasn't enough. I guess we will just have to wait and see...

UNLESS, I can get his MOM to convince him. We invited her to come with us next week when we try again. Hopefully, between her influence and mine, we can get him to change his mind!


  1. I wanted to know if I was having a boy or girl each time I was expecting! The first was a girl...which the doctor predicted by the heart rate of the fetus...because her legs were crossed making it impossible to see. Three years later had a boy...then after a divorce and remarriage had two boys 20 months apart. While it is fun to be surprised...I liked the fact that I could prepare - knowing what I needed and how to decorate the nursery! Good luck convincing your hubby...and hope that little miracle decides to cooperate...lol!

  2. Your baby is BEAUTIFUL. I wish I'd had one of these cool ultrasounds.

  3. Don't find out Jeannine! Trust me on this one. I had four of them and didn't know beforehand. It just makes the moment so much more special. Don't do it! You only have 13 weeks to go. You can do it!!!!! Boy or girl, your baby is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Hold on Nellie! You've waited this long!!! Hold out and be so excited as the privates are revealed. Ross came came out (after 19 hard hrs) and promptly showed us skills as he peed right in the Drs face.. Priceless.

  5. Drink a Mountain Dew before your appointment! The caffeine will do the trick!