Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An open letter to all door to door sales people

Dear Door to Door Salesman Guy - while I appreciate that you have a job to do, it is probably not your best move to knock on the door for three minutes, and then, resort to ringing the doorbell. When I hang up on the rare phone call that I was able to have with my friend of over 15 years that I only get to talk to every few months, exert myself greatly to lift my ever expanding girth off of the couch, waddle to the door, fight past the two frantically barking dogs and crack the door to find out who was there (thinking it was someone that was in distress...the only excuse for the persistent knocking and ringing), it is NOT a good time to launch into your sales pitch...most specifically, to start with a sales pitch that asks if I am happy today. Nope. I WAS...I was very happy sitting on my couch, in the first comfortable position I had found all day, talking to my friend with my sleeping and content dogs at my feet...but now?? Not even freaking close.

A disgruntled non-customer


  1. I remember a persistent door to door salesman from when I was nine years old. It was the night that my parents had decided to sit us all down and tell us about their divorce. The doorbell kept ringing and ringing and ringing so finally my dad answered it. I will say that every single book that could have been purchased from World Book Encyclopedia, my mom still has! At least he wasn't selling knives!

    1. Ha! Maybe that's why he was so persistent....