Friday, August 10, 2012

Another brilliant moment...

Sometimes, I wonder if I am ready to be someone's parent - especially when I pull the brilliant moments like I did last night!

Right before bed, I sat down to check my email one last time, and panicked when I saw BLOOD all over my left hand. My brain started to swirl! When the heck had I cut myself? How had I not noticed until right now? Did I get blood all over the house while I unknowingly was apparently bleeding to death?

In order to stop the bleeding, I immediately put my index finger and thumb in my mouth. They appeared to be the most affected, and I was hoping that would keep the damage to a minimum.

Weird. Why does my blood taste so sweet?

Oh, right. Because it's not blood. It's residue from the RED VELVET CUPCAKE I had eaten about an hour before.


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