Monday, January 23, 2012

We are ok...

It's an eerie morning here in Alabama. We were woken up in the wee hours of the morning by severe weather and deafening thunder. There had been reports of a pending potential tornado in our area for the overnight last night - and after the devastation of last April's tornadoes, everyone in these parts is more than a little edgy when they mention that there is even a chance of them.

As the sun has come up, the images of the destruction are coming in, and it breaks my heart. Even when we know it's coming, there's nothing we can do to stop or prevent a tornado. The best we can do is hunker down or get out of the way.

As for us and our family, we are alright. Our homes are alright. Every friend that I have is alright. This leaves me feeling incredibly blessed and grateful, especially after seeing and hearing about how many people are NOT in the same situation.

This morning, on the air, we've just been trying to disseminate the information as it comes in - the death toll, started at 1, rose to 2, rose to 3 - and hundreds are injured or displaced because of their homes being destroyed. So many families changed forever in the blink of an eye. Lots of people calling to get information because they can't get through to their families or places of business.

So, this morning, they are all in my prayers - and I hope they'll be in yours, too.

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