Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Great reminder from my cousin

I received this from one of my favorite cousins recently, and wanted to share. What a GREAT reminder!

March gladness

Personal joy has more to do with your outlook than your state of affairs. Optimism breeds a sense of satisfaction that serves you well in good times and bad. Improve your perspective with these tips for taking delight in life:

Be present

. Hurrying from one commitment to the next can exhaust your ability to be in the moment. Stop and participate in the experience now — a shared laugh with your spouse, a warm smile from a child, a compliment exchanged with a colleague, a great dinner. Give the present its due attention, for yesterday and tomorrow can’t be touched.

Discover life

. It can be easy to sing the blues over what’s wrong in your world. But remembering that each breath is a gift can remind you of what’s right. Take stock of the good things: health, job, family, friends, or simply enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea. There are always reasons to be grateful, and gratitude is a key that unlocks inner peace.

Find quiet. The noise of everyday existence can hinder happiness. Give yourself the gift of silence. Head to a library or a park. Feed ducks, write in a journal, meditate, or just take a walk on a trail removed from vehicle traffic. Turn off the radio and TV for a day to avoid news coverage that brings you down. Sometimes muting the world helps you hear your own music.

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