Wednesday, March 14, 2012

He's just trying to share the experience with me - right?

We had some of our neighbors over on Sunday for a little BBQ - Steven grilled up some steaks and BBQ chicken, and I made cupcakes for dessert. After dinner, we were all sitting around talking, while the kids played in the other room. I was enjoying the company so much that I wasn't paying too close attention to how many cupcakes Steven was consuming. I did notice that he had more than one - but didn't want to point it out in front of our friends, because I didn't want to embarress him.

Well, as he was eating another tasty cupcake, one of our neighbors couldn't help but comment: "Brother, let me stop you there for a minute - is that your FOURTH?" Everybody at the table laughed, as Steven smiled sheepishly. Jason, the neighbor continued: "I'd expect that from her...she's pregnant...but you know you aren't eating for two, right??"

The way I look at it, my husband is just trying to share the experience WITH me, right??


  1. Sympathy hunger/pain/nausea is for real! Just means he loves you :)