Monday, March 5, 2012

Everyone knows that diapers are expensive, right? Not my husband!

I've been babysitting since I can I remember - and I've had lots of friends and family that had children. So, I guess that I am a little more "in the know" than my husband, when it comes to babies and how much things cost. That was VERY clearly illustrated to me recently when we were at Target.

We were doing some shopping and I remembered that we were headed to a "Diapers and Wipes" baby shower the next day. In order to save time, I suggested that he go grab a pack of diapers while I finished up the rest of our shopping.

After a few minutes, he came back VERY frustrated. He couldn't find the diapers. "I looked in the feminine hygiene aisle - and they weren't anywhere!" I guess in his head, that made sense - all of those items were designed to absorb. I smiled, and directed him back to where the diapers were, and assured him that he would be able to find them. I told him I would meet him at check out.

About 15 minutes later, I was getting nervous. I was in the checkout line, and he was nowhere to be seen. Then, I see my beloved running up, triumphant, grinning ear to ear, with a pack of diapers in hand. He didn't know that diapers came in sizes, so he had spent a great deal of time trying to figure out which would be the best size to get (he settled on newborn, since the baby hadn't actually been born yet).

As he put them on the belt, he said "Phew! Diapers are expensive! Do you know how much these things COST?" I smiled, and said that I did...but then, he said, "At least, this 30-pack will cover them for the month." I burst out laughing, and asked, "How do you figure??" He smiled and said, "Well, one a day - 30 days..they'll be all set!"

Oh boy... :)


  1. Gotta love his enthusiasm. :o) And based on some of the letters I receive for my blog, I'm betting there are plenty of other guys out there who wouldn't blink at the "one a day" concept.

    1. As we say down here in the South - "Bless his heart..." :)

  2. Target diapers are the best. My twins love them and it's 50 for $6.50