Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hunger makes me MEAN!

If I wasn't already becoming obviously pregnant, I feel like I should wear a sign that says "Don't talk to me when I am hungry!"

Yesterday, I was JONESING for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - and couldn't get the dang jelly jar open. I was close to a meltdown when I remembered that my fabulously strong and capable husband was working from home that day and could probably remedy the problem. With one strong twist, he yanked that puppy open, and I was in business.

While I was preparing to eat the much anticipated PB&J, I noticed him sneak out to the garage and come back very quickly. I wouldn't have paid much attention, except I heard a very recognizable noise coming from his general direction as he scurried back into his office: the sound of a candy wrapper.

Me: "Hold it, mister. What was that noise?"
S: "Nothing. What are you talking about?" (hands behind his back)
Me: "What are you hiding??"
S: "Nothing. Just had to grab something from the garage really quickly...."
Me: "What the heck would you possibly need from the garage?"
S: (sheepishly holding up a piece of chocolate) "Just this...."
Me: (being observant) "Um, is that CHRISTMAS chocolate?? Have you had that stashed out there since Christmas????"

My beloved just smiled and shrugged his shoulders - and walked into his office. That was probably for the best since I yelled some not nice things about how he probably doesn't love me, and that he is mean for hiding it for so long, etc.

As it turns out, he had stashed a couple of them in the freezer - but I discovered them when I was dishing up a consolation bowl of vanilla ice, the last laugh was MINE!

Epilogue: I apologized for my reaction - and went to the store and bought him replacement chocolate.

Lesson learned: Don't talk when I am hungry - and don't hide chocolate from a pregnant woman.

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