Thursday, March 29, 2012

My purse needs to be purged - a confession!

This is RIDICULOUS!  I have turned into the kind of woman I always used to make fun of when I was a kid.  Why the HECK do I NEED to carry all of this???

Here's a list of what's in there (in case you can't tell in the picture) - from left to right:
- Receipts from a trip to take Chelsea to vet a month ago
- An unwrapped cough drop (with the wrapper near by)
- My Toys R Us rewards card
- Sunglasses
- Glasses case for my regular glass
- Two spoons (one wrapped in a napkin because I had used to eat yogurt)
- Two wetnaps from Dreamland BBQ
- Business cards from people I have met recently
- Hairspray
- A pen
- 3 tubes of Chapstick
- 1 tube of lipstick
- 2 tubes of lip gloss (the same exact kind)
- 2 packs of gum
- 1 container of breath mints
- A pack of my own business cards (in a very fancy rubber band)
- Hand lotion
- Allergy medicine
- A badge from a convention I went to last month
- My keys
- A key to the station vehicle (that I didn't realize I had for the past few days...whoops!)
- My wallet
- My makeup case (which is packed with other stuff I probably don't need!)

Fear drives the reason I carry a lot of this stuff - "just in case".  Just in case I ever find myself with 3 friends simultaneously needing lip moisturization.  Just in case, I am ever in dire need of several forms of breath freshening.  Just in case I find myself in need of a spoon for an emergency bowl of cereal (I AM pregnant, so I need to eat more often).  Just in case someone has an allergy attack and can't possibly get to a pharmacy.

One of my quirks is that I am constantly afraid that I won't have "enough" - or that I'll get caught somewhere without something I need.  I am working on that...but my purse certainly doesn't reflect that.  

The other reason is because I shove it in there and forget.  Dreamland Wetnaps?  Name tag?  Receipts?  Good grief....I guess I need to work on that too! 

Am I the only one that does this?  What does YOUR purse look like??

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