Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love notes, Gleeks, and Inspiration

Today, I am grateful for:
- Love notes left in surprising places by my adorable husband
- Friends that have obsessions about the same TV shows as I do that text back and forth with me in real time - we are GLEEKS!
- Inspiration from StoryWonk to get some more words written for Nanowrimo last night
- Run with C - I haven't been running in ages, and she inspired me to get back into it
- Restored power for my friends in CT - they are total troopers!

Good morning, God - thank you for another day of my awesome life. Please guide my thoughts and actions today. I want to make you proud, and I want to be of service where You see fit. Please remove my fear of _____ and direct my attention to what You would have me be. Please keep an eye on M - lots of drama surrounding her these days - help her to be the eye in the storm, and give her the ability to match calamity with serenity. Keep an eye on S on his work trip, and on all of my friends and family. Amen.

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